HomePod Mini Full Specification & Price in Bangladesh

HomePod Mini Full Specification & Price in Bangladesh

HomePod Mini: Full Specification

HomePod Mini Full Specification & Price in Bangladesh

Information about this device

Officially, the HomePod mini is here. It’s a vision. It’s not something we have to wish for, or even hope for. All our dreams and wishes have been realized. My HomePod is my favorite thing. I have one in every room. And now, it’s only $99! Let’s take a look at it. It’s amazing! The suspense. Oh my! What? Take a look at this. It’s a baby! It’s very delicate. It is very small. It is about the same size as a softball. I was a quick pitcher. It is almost the same weight as my other arm. As if we didn’t have the cable. Take a look at this comparison in terms of size. It’s almost impossible to make a comparison.

This thing is tiny. Wow. You can make a stereo pair with two of them. Look at the little Apple logo at the bottom. Is there an Apple logo available? It is. But what do you know about it? Let’s connect this. This braided cable is amazing. It is very, very nice. It’s a USB-C cable and not a plug. Is there anything else?

We have more. It comes with a wall charger. It can be plugged in. Oh, look, it’s ready. HomePod mini set up. Oh my goodness, that’s amazing. Tyler has been so long since I last spoke to him. We’re going to set it up in the basement. Let’s just say that we’re going to set it up in the basement. Basement HomePod.

I don’t live in a basement. Personal requests can be enabled, so Siri can read my text messages and I can also send messages. I just got a notification that Siri is available for everyone. Siri can recognize each person’s voice, give access to music, remind me, and much more. After setting up the Home app, you can invite others to your home. Okay, can I also plug in this guy? Take a look at this. You missed it. HomePod has been activated. Play Third Eye Blind. You won’t believe how loud this is. Holy moly!

It sounds like there is very little distortion. It costs $9 and sounds like a million dollars. This would be the perfect size for my small rooms. The HomePod mini costs $99. The HomePod mini is $99. The HomePod has 299.

However, this tiny device produces incredible sound. It was quite amazing, I admit. The new mini features a four-microphone design. These are used to detect your voice when you say “Hey S”, while the fourth is used to cancel out echo, so Siri can hear you even if it’s loud or playing music.

This little device delivers some amazing sound thanks to the S5 chip as well as a full-range driver. The top of the HomePod is touch-sensitive. You can use it to play, pause and double-tap the next track. Triple-tap the previous track. Finally, you can press and hold the button to activate Siri.

You can also see some plus and minus buttons. These buttons can be used to adjust the volume. However, you could also use your voice to do this. HomePod will recognize each member of your family when it is connected to them. This will allow you to access all their playlists and recommendations. It’s crazy, because when I tell my daughter to play music, all of the HomePods in her house start playing music.

Another thing I wanted to highlight is that the HomePod mini was the first Apple device to support threads. Nanoleaf recently launched new thread-enabled light bulbs, which will make it more compatible with other internet of things devices. Now that I have the Nanoleaf App installed, and a light in my hand, let’s get it set up.

These are so exciting! Nanoleaf has so many great products. It’s a bit warm. Now, swap it in, then swap it in. Now, swap it in, and now swap it. You can change the color. This will allow us to do many things. You can turn it on and off, change the colors. Let’s add to our home. Connecting is important. This is what we’re doing. Living room with little light

It should turn on when you arrive at home and turn off when you leave. Turn off the little light. Turn on little light. – [Siri] Ok, the little light has been turned on. – Turn off the little light. – [Siri] OK, the little light has gone out. – It’s very little light. Look at the app and decide what color you want little light to be. Turn, little light bleu. It’s there. – I had no idea that it would work. Turn little light pink. – [Siri] Okay. These could also be used as stereo pairs.

This was possible with an older HomePods. But it’s so cool that these fit better on my TV entertainment centre. With these HomePods, you can now enjoy stereo sound and a more immersive experience.

U-1-equipped phones will work. You can just hold your phone next to the HomePod and it will transfer your music, your call, or your podcast. This is going to be a great feature because you can listen to music while driving . If you’re on a call and your home pod detects your phone, your HomePod will automatically transfer the music to your HomePod.

My iPhone is one thing I use my HomePod more than I would like to admit. Find my iPhone. – [Siri] Take a moment. Is it possible to find three iPhones in the vicinity? If so, which one is it? Pig phone pig face or iPhone? (Justine giggles) – Pig phone face. It’s here, surprise! Intercom is a fun feature I use to talk to myself about my quarantine problems.

Now I can talk to myself via my home pods, my smartphone, and this is quite interesting because I can use the intercom on my mobile by telling Siri, “Hey Siri, intercom everybody”, and then I can say what message I want. It’s great because it will appear right here on my phone. I can then use my phone to reply. Then that can go through my entire house and activate every home pod.

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