iPhone 12 Full Specification & Price in Bangladesh

iPhone 12 Full Specification & Price in Bangladesh


iPhone 12 Full Specifications

Here are some news regarding iPhone 12

iPhone 12: I find the new design to be quite sweet. It has a flat-sided design. iPhone 12 has an aluminum frame like iPad pro. The new iPhone 12 has a flat-screen, and new antenna positioning. It’s also well-suited for 5g. It features ip68 Water Resistance, and a new Ceramic Shield specialized glass. It is a unique branding that highlights new features in glass. Apple didn’t even want to call the product glass. It is a new composite material with cristallization. It was not called glass at any stage. It offers 4x better drop protection and is now the most prominent feature.

The big news on iPhone 12 is the new screen, charging, and camera.

Let’s discuss the iPhone 12 Screen. This screen is much better. It’s now a 6.1 inch 1080p Oled screen, which is much better than the 720p LCD screen that we used to love talking about on iPhone 11.

Let’s discuss the iPhone 12 Charging system: The new charging system is very good. The new magnets are built into the back. This is the most innovative thing about the iPhone.

Let’s discuss the iPhone 12 new Cameras. The new cameras are also quite nice. They haven’t changed the numbers because it’s a 12-megapixel dual-camera system. It is both a new Ultrawide camera and a standard camera with an aperture of f1.6. This should improve low-light and portrait shot performance.

iPhone will now come with the phone and one USB-C to Lightning cable, and the Paper Work.


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